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Gutter Problems!

Remove the problems of rot, fungus & insects


Fallen leaves, moss and other debris seem to have an uncanny way of finding their way into your gutters and down pipes. The blockages that are formed can:

• Prevent efficient drainage

• Cause water to spill over onto the fabric of the building

• Result in unsightly and expensive damage.

Assured Roofcare has a simple and effective solution in Gutterguard:


Gutterguard is a hard-wearing polypropylene mesh which fits over the gutter and allows rain-water to pass straight through but prevents leaves and debris from falling in it. Since the gutters and down-pipes are clear, the water passing through them is also kept cleaner and fresher - an important consideration if you are collecting rain-water in a butt. The gutterguard, in turn, helps to:

• Keep the downpipes clear and allows the efficient drainage of rain-water.

• Water passing through them is also kept cleaner and fresher

In any drainage system, blockages are both inconvenient and expensive to clear. Add to this the fact that guttering and down-pipes are normally at a high level on your property and you can see that a small investment in preventing the problem will pay dividends for many years to come by helping you reduce the time and money you spend unblocking your gutters from leaves, moss and other debris.

Bird Problems!

Bird Comb Protection

Many people do not appreciate the extent of the damage that can be caused by birds getting under the tiles of a roof. Whilst they initially go there for shelter, nesting or to look for insects, the birds will often peck away at the roofing felt. This can eventually result in:

• Rain-water leaking unseen onto the roof timbers and into the loft

• Causing damp and rot which requires expensive treatment or even, in extreme cases, a whole new roof.


Once again Assured Roofcare has the right solution to the problem:

• Bird Comb is part of our Eaves Shield™ system. Eaves Shield™ replaces decaying or damaged roofing-felt with a recycled uPVC material which is resistant to further attack and enables rainwater to drain away into the gutter rather than onto the rafters. 

The bird comb section of Eaves Shield™ consists of:

• A row of flexible tines that compress and conform to the profile of the tiles thereby forming an effective barrier which prevents birds from getting inand nesting in the rafters whilst maintaining adequate ventilation.

Assured Roofcare multi-purpose Eaves Shield™ system gives you the peace of mind of knowing that our roof trim offers you a fit and forget solution.