Moss, fallen leaves, dirt and algae seem to have an uncanny way of finding themselves blocking up your guttering and downpipes. If the debris is not discarded, problems can start to occur with the overall running of your guttering system. Damp and mould can finally set in your building and that is where the expensive repair bills kick in.

At Assured Roofcare, we have a simple solution to protect your building and prevent these problems from occurring, we use an innovative product called Gutterguard.

Gutterguard is a hard wearing polypropylene mesh which is fitted over the gutter but still allows rainwater to pass straight through it whilst preventing leaves and other debris from entering. This is especially Important if you are collecting rainwater in a bucket to use for other purposes, the collected water will be cleaner and fresher.

Blockages can be inconvenient and expensive to clear so having Gutterguard installed in your guttering system prevents blockages happening in the first place, so it proves to be more economical in the long run.

Do you have a problem with birds nesting in your roof?

At Assured Roofcare, we know that birds can cause a lot of damage to roofs by pecking away at the felt and getting underneath the tiles to make nests. Because of the bird activity, rainwater can easily find its way into the smallest of cracks and into your loft causing timbers to rot and condensation to build up.

Our bird comb protection system discourages birds to take up nest on your roof. Bird comb is part of our eaves shield system which replaces decaying or damaged roofing felt with a recycled uPVC material which is resistant to further attacks from birds and enables rainwater to drain away into the gutters rather than onto your rafters.

Bird comb is a row of flexible tines that compress and conform to the profile of the tiles forming an effective barrier which prevents birds from getting in and nesting in the rafters, whilst also maintaining adequate ventilation to your roof.

All of our roofline products are fully guaranteed, and we do not always need a deposit before we get working on your roof.

For the installation of quality uPVC gutters, fascias, soffits, downpipes and cladding, call in the experts at Assured Roofcare today on either the Leatherhead, Dorking or London numbers at the top of the page, your satisfaction is our future!